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May I participate without a helmet?
The Organizers of “Velomarathon” consider safety to be the main objective. This is why only those participants who have their helmets on will be allowed to start.

May I ride with a child who will be sitting in a special child seat?
Putting much value upon the safety we strongly do not recommend riding with small children.

I wish to change/cancel my entry data. How I can do it?
If you wish to change your entry data, please contact us by email shown above. Please note that it is allowed to change registration data not later than deadline, which is indicated at the Regulations.

Why it is important to fill the registration form correctly?
Participants, who registered earlier, will be provided with nominal start numbers, containing his/her name and surname as well. It is also important to enter the team name correctly, because teams will be given adjacent start numbers in Hobby heat.

Will the track time be measured for Hobby group?
The time keeping will be only for sport groups. Sport groups will get a chance to compete with each other and Hobby groups – to ride for fun.

What are the benefits of registering in Hobby group?
Hobby group distance is optional (1, 2 or 3 laps of the track (10, 20 or 30 km)), also Hobby group participants will not need to constantly let the faster riders to overtake because of the separate starts to Hobby and sports groups. Hobby heat is a perfect option for those, who decided to ride along with their teams of families, friends and colleagues.

What are the benefits of registering in Semi-sport group?
Semi-sport group is dedicated for participants, who ought to ride full distance (100 km) in Sports heat, but they want to ride shorter distance. Semi-sport distance is 50 km, they get time keeping and first 10 finishers are awarded. Also Semi-sport participants start together with Sports heat.

Why are there different Sports, Hobby and Children heats?
Three different heats are planned for children, hobbyists and sportsmen/sportswomen due to their convenience and large number of participants.

May I ride with a fixed gear or other modified bike in “Velomarathon”?
Yes, but only on the understanding that it is serviceable, it has functional brakes and it will cause danger to other participants.