Track of the velomarathon
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Velomarathon starts on August 19th, 2018, Sunday.

Important: Helmets are obligatory to all participants!


Name of the heat


Start time

Latest finish

(time limit)


Awards time

Sport & Semi-Sport Heat 9:00 11:30 will be informed

Additional Heat:

Sport Heat for roller skates

Hobby Heat for roller skates

Hobby Heat for scooter

Hobby Heat for skateboard

12:00 12:30 will be informed
Children Heat (7 to 12 years old) 13:00 13:30 val. after the finish
Children Heat (younger than 7 years old) 13:30 14:00 val. after the finish
Hobby Heat 14:00 16:00 16:30

Velomarathon participants are divided into these groups:

Children group Distance:
For children up to 12 years old (i.e., born after 19.08.2006 inclusive). Participants here start in the children track, where parents or foster-parents may follow the group after the start (see art. 17). Children group is same to both: boys and girls. 2,4 km

Sport Heat of roller skates

Group for all cycling enthusiasts born before 19.08.2006 inclusive. Group is same to both: men and women. 2,4 km
Hobby group of roller skates, scooter, and skateboard Distance:
Group for men participants born before 19.08.2006 inclusive. Group is same to both: men and women.. 2,4 km
Hobby group Distance:
Group for all cycling enthusiasts born before year 2006 inclusive. Hobby group is same to both: men and women. Hobbyists may choose their distance themselves (i.e.,they may complete 1,2 or 3 laps of the track). 10, 20 or 30 km
Semi-Sport (for fast hobbyists) Distance:
Group for men participants born in year 1969-2001 inclusive, who want to take part in half distance race, provided with time keeping devices. 50 km
Sport groups (for sportsmen and sportswomen)
Men Women
Group name: Born (year): Distance: Group name: Born (year): Distance:
V12 2006-2007 50 km M12 2006-2007 50 km
V14 2004-2005 M14 2004-2005
V16 2002-2003 M16 2002-2003
V18 2000-2001 100 km M18 2000-2001
V19 (Elite) 1989-1999* M19 (Elite) 1989-1999*
V30 1979-1988 M30 1979-1988
V40 1969-1978 M40 1969-1978
V50 1959-1968 50 km M50 1959-1968
V60 1949-1958 M60 1949-1958
V70 1948 and older M70 1948 and older


It is possible to register to Velomarathon in any of the periods:

Period Entry fee Place of the registration
1. Until 17.06.2018 (Sunday) (including) Children: free of charge
Hobbyists: free of charge
Semi-Sport: 10 €*
Sport: 10 €*

Internet registration:

2. From 18.06.2018 (Monday) until 22.07.2018 (Sunday), including Children: €3*
Hobbyists: €5*
Semi-Sport: €20*
Sport: €20*
3. From 19.07.2018 (Wednesday) until 20.08.2018 (Sunday) Children: €5*
Hobbyists: 10 €
Semi-Sport: 30 €
Sport: 30 €

Internet registration until “Velomarathon” day:

On “Velomarathon” day Registration tent near Parliament house of Lithuanian Republic, Gedimino ave. 53, Vilnius



* – an individual appears on registered participants list only after transferring a starting fee. A link to the transfer is sent to the email, indicated during registration. The day of the transfer is considered as a day of registration.

Registration of juvenile sportsmen from sports schools is free of charge at any period if they submit a list of pupils, signed by their coach. The list must be sent to the Organised to before individual registration.


Registered participants may collect the start numbers on:

Date Time Place
16.08.2018 (Thursday),
17.08.2018 (Friday) and
18.08.2018 (Saturday)For all groups
10:00 – 21:00 The information will be provided on the website
On Velomarathon day: 19.08.2018 (Sunday) Registration tent near Parliament house of the Republic of Lithuania, Gedimino ave. 53, Vilnius
Semi-Sport group 7:00 – 9:00
Sport groups
Children group 8:00 – 12:30
Hobby group 8:00 – 14:00

Juvenile participants must show signed acceptance of the parents (or foster‐ parents) during the hand‐out of start numbers. This requirement is not applied to the students of sport schools who sent a list of participants signed by the couch for the Organiser until 10.08.2018 (Friday) including by email:

Full Velomarathon 2018 regulations

Acceptance of the parents 2018

Sports team entry form (only for sport classification teams)

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Results for sports registration – according to position overall:


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