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Scooters join Velomarathon 2017


Scooter and foot bike riders will participate in the biggest cycling festival in the Baltic States, Velomarathon, this year. Growing popularity of this two-wheel transport mean encouraged organizers to invite enthusiasts of scooters to join the festival for the first time as a separate discipline.

‘The number of scooter enthusiasts is growing each year. People choose scooters not only for leisure activities but for traveling around the city and going to work, as well. Compactness, speed and mobility are the key features spurring the popularity of scooters among urban society. It is very good that Velomarathon organizers invited scooter riders to join the festival’, said the best-known Lithuanian foot bike enthusiast Tomas Augūnas.

Tomas Augūnas.

The scooter enthusiast, who has reached two records and travelled around Lithuania, always participated in Velomarathon in amateur heat, together with bicycle riders. Now Augūnas is traveling with the scooter in The Aland Islands of Finland in the Baltic sea.

Scooter enthusiasts, who are eager to have a good time, are invited to participate in Velomarathon on 20th of August. Taking their comfortable time, they will have an opportunity to complete 2,4 kilometres in the closed streets of Vilnius. Drivers do not need to compete. Although, it is planned to organize scooter competitions in the future.

‘Scooter competitions are held throughout Europe: Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries. Unfortunately, in Lithuania we do not have such competitions. We are really glad Velomarathon gives a great opportunity to have fun and socialize with like-minded people, – said Augūnas.

Scooter riders register online for free until the 18th of June: They can also form a group and participate in the biggest group‘s challenge of Nutrilite. The main prize is a skate park, donated by Velomarathon and Amway.

Major groups: professionals, semi-professionals, hobbyists and children are welcome to make registration as well.

The 8th Velomarathon is expanding. It will provide a great number of entertainment activities for the enthusiasts of two-wheel transport means.

More than 10,000 cyclists participated in Velomarathon 2016. The festival attracted a mass of teams, families and sportsmen.