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Sporty and united towns are invited to accept „NUTRILITE“ challenge and win SKATEPARK during Velomarathon 2015!


American company „Amway“ for the third time is an offcial sponsor of one of the biggest sport event in Lithuania, which will take place on the 23rd August in Vilnius city centre. Company continues its tradition to support young sportsmen and encourage active lifestyle in the society as a whole. For the „Velomarathon 2015“ „Amway“ have created an initiative, where all people are invited to gather their town team with as many members as possible, to participate in the event and win SKATEPARK for their community. Amway will donate 5 000USD for building SKATEPARK.The town, managed to gather the biggest „NUTRILITE TEAM“ will be awared with a prize – a brand new skate-park. The organizers of „Velomarathon 2015” will take care of contacting the authorities of the winner town and discussing all the process of installing the Skate-park itself. It is planned to be opened in May 2016, which means that youngsters from the most active and united town next summer will spend in brand new SKATEPARK.

„Last year we were the biggest team in „Velomarathon 2014“ with 470 members and even pouring rain did not prevent us from having a great time together! We believe that this year’s initiative – the donation for building a SKATEPARK in town which will gather the biggest „NUTRILITE TEAM“ – will encourage people to engage in sport activities more and it will serve as a good example for showing how people can unite for a common goal and work together to achieve it. I am more than happy to meet all those people in „Velomarathon 2015“ – said Anna Pietrzak, General Manager Amway Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Bigger cities where population is over 50 000 inhabitants are not allowed to participate in the competition. However, people from the cities with higher population can still register and support „NUTRILITE TEAM“ from any optional town. Thus, everybody who wants to join the initiative are able to do that.

Skateboarding, riding BMXs activities are popular sport in Lithuania among young people, it also encourages active and healthy lifestyle and keeps youngsters occupied. Thus, last year „Amway“ supported young and perspective skateboarders and BMX riders, including internationally recognized skateboarder David Budko, from Youth Centre “Kablys” located in Vilnius. This year it was decided to support small towns and improve their leisure time infrastructure, as most of the skate parks are built in the biggest cities of Lithuania, leaving children and teenagers from the small towns riding on the streets or other unsuited places.