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Velomarathon 2017 Starts!


Velomarathon 2017 has started! Registration for the eight cycling festival is open. The largest cycling fiesta in the Baltics will take plane in the most spectacular streets of Vilnius on the 20th of August.

‘The start is given. Mark the date – Sunday, August 20th.  Velomarathon will be full of new things that will impress both participants and spectators, as well’, said Benediktas Vanagas, head of the National Automobile Club, that runs Velomarathon.

Registration for the Velomarathon 2017 is free for amateurs and children for the first two months, until June 19th.

Participants of ERGO Amateurs heat can choose 10, 20 or 30 km distance. Children will have to complete 2,5 km. The participants of these heats will not race.

Men Professionals (Toyota SPORT heat) will race 100 km, women will have to complete 50 km. Special Toyota SEMI-SPORT heat starts together with the professionals in 50 km track.

2 400 riders took part in the first Velomarathon in 2010. At that time it became the largest mass sports event in Lithuania. Last year Velomarathon had more than 10 000 participants.

Registration for the Velomarathon 2017 is open online